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Mens Fashion in Sarasota, Florida

Men's ClothesIn Sarasota, men's fashion can run the range from formal to fabulous.  Commonly, however, men's fashion tends to find a happy medium right in the middle.  The perfect pair of jeans matched with just the right shirt and the perfect shades will take you from work to play and keep you looking good throughout the day.


To build the right all-day-long outfit, you will need to start with a great pair of jeans.  Great jeans are the basis for any cosmopolitan-to-casual encounter, and they give you the flexibility to alter the mood of your outfit without loosing the comfort factor. Joe's Jeans are a Sarasota favorite, offering a number of styles, each created with high-quality and sturdy denim.


Up next on the agenda?  A great fitting shirt.  Polos and button downs come in a diverse range of colors, shapes, and sizes, but if you are going to be running around from dusk to dawn, consider going for a t-shirt that adds just enough personality to show off your style without leaving you reaching for an iron half way through the day.  Need some suggestions?  Scotch Soda can be seen on fellas all over Sarasota's sandy beaches.  Of course, if you want versatility, you can pair a Frank & Eileen button down over your favorite t-shirt for texture and taste that has got a classic feel.


Finalize your outfit with the right accessories.  A nice leather belt helps to pull everything together.  Try a Cowboysbag belt if you're looking for a piece of hide that's meant to last a lifetime.  Couple that with an impeccably crafted pair of BED|STü shoes, and you're ready to get to stepping.  All you need now is the right pair of shades to protect your eyes from the sun and complete your head-to-toe efforts. 


Of course, this is Florida, and you'll want to have a pair of swim trunks that can hit the beach with the same style you will be showing off with your favorite pair of denim. Swimwear is a normal part of men's fashion in this town, and you'll find many brands that are made to look you stunning in the sun.  Parke & Ronen is always a crowd pleaser, offering a full range of styles, colors, and shapes.


Black Bird Lifestyle is the place for men's fashion for any function. Check out our inventory, and let us know what we can do for you!

Vintage FurnitureVintage furniture and décor, contrary to what many people assume, can complement and enhance every decorating style. Your overall look doesn’t have to be vintage to benefit from the addition of these timeless pieces. In fact, they often work best in other styles, so your rooms don’t look too matched.
The following reasons help explain why vintage furniture and home decor is perfect for every look:

They won’t look dated
Many specific styles, items, colors, and other elements of home decor fall in and out of style. Vintage pieces are timeless, so rather than making your decor look dated, they do just the opposite. Their qualities have stood the test of time and don’t fall in and out of the list of what’s trendy. They’ll add elements that don’t immediately make visitors think, “Oh, I recognize that look. It was popular about five years ago.”

You can incorporate unique pieces
Your home should be a reflection of you and your unique style and personality. Ideally, it shouldn’t look as though the inspiration for the entire look came from a page in a catalog or magazine. Vintage furniture and decor can give your home character that helps create a style that’s all your own. Your home won’t look like anyone else’s, and that’s a wonderful thing!

Vintage items create an interesting contrast
Too much of any one style isn’t usually the best choice. Contrast is interesting, so if you add some vintage pieces to, for example, modern décor, you’re casting new light on your modern pieces and adding a touch of beauty and charm. Conversely, your modern pieces make your vintage pieces look more interesting. Vintage furniture and decor can add this type of interest and contrast to absolutely any look.

They tell a fascinating story
Vintage pieces have their own history and character, which will spark interest and conversation. Since they’re been chosen by you, they’ll have a story that reflects your own.

Items are well-constructed
Vintage items not only hold up in terms of style, they’re also well-constructed, with what you often hear referred to as “good bones.” The lines are beautiful, and pieces are built to stand the test of time.

If you’re interested in unique furnishings and home decor that reflects your personality and adds interest, stop by Black Bird Lifestyle in Sarasota today. We’d love to help you create a timeless look that’s all your own.

Men's FashionWhen you're looking for quirky home decor or mens fashion in Sarasota, Florida, Black Bird Lifestyle offers plenty of unique glamorous and casual fashion options. Men and women are attracted to the store because, despite its unique selections, the items are designed for universal appeal. Here are some reasons why Black Bird is the ultimate source for men's wardrobe essentials.


High Quality

Cotton Citizen from Los Angeles is a luxurious fashion brand for various clothing. Thirts, sweatshirts and sweatpants are just some of the items you can expect at Black Bird. Part of the attraction of Cotton Citizen clothing is that it is manufactured entirely from denim-influenced dye processes by hand. The company tests cotton-based fabrics and only uses the best fabrications. Essentially, the brand combines fashion, style and comfort for all seasons.


Bathing Suits

For swimwear, Black Bird carries the brand Parke and Ronen, which favors a chic appearance rather than glitz or gimmicks. The swimwear is designed to be in touch with trends without ever getting extreme. The New York-based company prides itself on fit, fabrics and refined details for people who want to combine simplicity with sensation. Since one founder comes from New York and the other is from Italy, the mens fashion clothing line, which includes shirts, pants, sportswear, footwear and accessories, has a mix of American and European influence.


Other Brands 

Black Bird carries many other clothing brands, along with furniture and lighting fixtures that go with nature in mind.  Here are other mens fashion brands at Black Bird.

  • Joes Jeans
  • Fidelity Jeans
  • Scotch Soda
  • Frank & Eileen
  • Lindbergh & Shine
  • Cowboy Belt
  • Bed/Stu Shoes
  • Riviera Shoes
  • Horn-Leather Goods


The store also showcases artwork by local and regional artists. It's also an interesting place to find unique upscale accessories such as pillows, candles and glassware. In terms of shoe selection, Black Bird focuses on a variety that ranges from back to basics to trendy authority to sandals with style. We offer fashion for all occasions. 

If you are looking for unique home items and high quality mens clothing in Sarasota, Florida, stop in and see us at Black Bird Home Gallery.

Lighting FixtureWhen choosing light fixtures for your home, it's important to consider factors such as scale, color, composition and repetition as you explore illumination creativity in home decor. Chandeliers, sconces, pendants, floor lamps and table lamps all influence the mood of the room with their appearance and the light they provide. By selecting interesting fixtures for each room of your home, you light and accentuate rooms in a way that conveys your personal style.

Drum up drama
Pendant lighting over kitchen islands is a growing trend in home decor and you can add a touch of drama by using lights with wider, drum-style shades. A pendant with a hand-hammered iron drum shade and a double diffuser inside creates unique light over any island. The metal of the shades evokes thoughts of the cookware in the space and the fixtures give ideal task lighting.

Orbs of light
Suspending a chandelier over a dining room table is a classic home decor accent that receives an update with today's lighting designs. Chandeliers come in a multitude of styles including descending bubbles, wrought iron wonders, woven branches of metal or wood, and mixtures of materials to create a stunning focal point for the central eating space of the home. Whatever style of chandelier you choose, having it on a dimmer switch is an easy way to set the mood of the meal.

Flattering focus
Getting bathroom lighting right is essential, as it's becoming an oasis-style space with unique home decor. There's no more worry about fluorescent fixtures or harsh, overhead bulbs washing out your complexion. Incorporating layers of light into the bathroom is the new focus with a mixture of ambient, accent, decorative, and task lighting. Counter overhead light with wall sconces and soften the mood over a vanity with pendant lights and your bathroom becomes a more pleasant room to use any time of day.

Relaxation and reflection
Bedroom design focuses on relaxation and benefits from several forms of light fixtures including table lamps, floor lamps, sconces and hanging lights. The various chandelier styles available can make the space romantic or calming, and balancing the room with coordinating lamps on side tables and by reading nooks gives the room more depth and character.

At Blackbird Lifestyle in Sarasota, you find all these lighting styles and ones you've never imagined. The unique lighting selection adds evocative interest to the home decor of every room. Check out our blog for more home decor ideas or stop by our store today!

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What Your Shoes Say About You

Mens Shoes

Shoes can say a lot about the man that wears them. Mens shoes are diverse and have as much personality as the people that put them on.  Whether they're made for work, or they're the perfect pair for evening wear, every shoe says a lot about you. 

Here's a quick look at our style guide for mens shoes:

  • Trendy Authority.  There's something about wing-tipped shoes that speaks volumes when it comes to commanding authority.  Bed/Stu shoes command authority with a vintage style reminiscent of the 1940s.  This line suits many different styles and personalities.  They pair perfectly with a suit if you're heading to the office, and they set a standard in trends if you're into skinny jeans.  The Bed/Stu brand is one of the most versatile mens shoe options on the market.
  • Regal Relaxation.  When the work is done, and it's time to relax, some men may opt out of style.  You, however, know how to do relaxation right with your Rivieras.  These shoes speak volumes to a man's forceful fashion sense, setting forth a style that's both relaxing and regal with each step he takes.
  • A Well-Rounded Look.  If you want to tie your look to your personality, show how well-rounded and put-together you are by finishing your head-to-toe style with shoes that contour to your feet.  Avoid a painfully skinny shoe in favor of a high-quality design that show you care about the foot your put forward to the world.
  • Back to Basics.  If you're looking for a shoe that tells people that you can make any outfit work for any situation, a basic black shoe is where you should start.  You can start with a simple pair of slip-ons that will be comfortable for all occasions (including the office, of course), or go for a lace-up pair that commands attention.
  • Sandals with Style.  You're near the ocean, so of course you're expected to relax when you're done with a hard day's work.  Forego the cheap options in favor of stepping out in style, even when you're off the clock, with sandals made from quality leather such as Birkenstocks.  High-quality flip flops are another great option that goes with most not-at-work options.  Look for brands that exude excellence with every step.


If you are looking for unique home items and high quality mens shoes in Sarasota, Florida, stop in and see us at Black Bird Home Gallery.

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Shop BedStu’s at Black Bird

BedStu’s are an exceptional shoe and a customer favorite. Each shoe is beautifully hand crafted with materials that are aged to perfection with unique hand finishes. Cushioned outsoles provide durability and comfort and their rich leather components give them an authentic vintage feel that is engineered to last.

Hand dyeing, burnishing, and aging gives each pair its own individual character creating variations in color, meaning no two pairs are the same.

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What Is Contemporary Design?

The contemporary design style was born in the mid half of the 20th century when a range of styles merged. Today’s contemporary style features both round and sharp edges a like, a mostly neutral color pallet- sometimes with a pop of color for accent- and a comfortable, welcoming feeling.

Modern or Contemporary?
While these design styles are similar, there are definite differences between them. Modern design features bold, stark lines giving a minimalist feel. Contemporary design focuses more on basic lines, form, and shape, giving a warm, comfortable feel.

Achieving the Look
Keeping a less is more mindset is best. Use solid or subtly patterned fabrics rather than bold, colorful prints and go with minimal accessories in lieu of large collections. Colors usually include a range of neutrals, black, and white and often feature a punch of color through simple room décor or an accent wall. When walls are painted with a neutral, a great backdrop is created for the rest of the room.

Décor is a huge element of this look. The space between pictures and décor on the walls is just as important as the décor itself. Use round edged décor to balance out sharp edges and welcome the idea of high-gloss finishes. Chrome, steel, and glass work great when mixed in with the neutral color pallet, keeping the less is more mindset in mind. Combining shine with texture, like ribbed or crackled glass or brushed nickel and copper, works great. A few pieces here and there can really tie a room together!

Using the proper lighting as your room accent creates a great focal point. Find floor and table lamps with straight lines and sleek finishes. Incorporating color into your fixtures with, for example, a lampshade, is a great place for the rooms pop of color. Using recessed or track lighting can draw attention to accessories and décor.

Ultimately, achieving a contemporary look is not difficult. Paying attention to color, lines, and textures is the key. When keeping these factors in mind and adding your own personal touches, your perfect room can easily be achieved.

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Black Bird Home Gallery Awards

Did you know we hold numerous awards for our elegant furniture and accessories? We are proud of our reputation here at Black Bird Home Gallery and are delighted to satisy our customers needs. Check out a few of our awards! 


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5 timeless pieces of home decor

Forget the impulse buys, cheap deals and trendy designs that will be out of style before you know it. It's time to stop all that wasteful shopping and splurge on furniture and other home goods that you'll keep forever. 

Dining Room Table
Cottage-style table and chair sets will hold their value forever. As far as finish goes, opt for something simple, like black or maple. From family dinners to homework to holidays, a lifetime of memories will be created at this very table.

Luxury meets functionality when you light up the grand entrance of your home with a classic chandelier. Try a hand-crafted piece that incorporates glass jewels and bronze structure for an ultra-classic look. 

Wall clocks serve more than just their basic function. They pieces of simplistic beauty, style and sophistication. A large, dark metal piece with roman numerals is possibly the best piece of decor for the largest wall in the home.

Original Artwork
The next time you attend a community art show, keep your eyes peeled for a piece that takes your breath away. And don't be afraid to splurge- not only are you supporting the local arts, but chances are, it will stay in your house for a very long time.

Area Rug
Persian, Turkish and Oriental rugs are a home staple to many. These tapestries will likely outlast other pieces of furniture in your living areas. Bonus? They look even better with age.

Stop by our gallery today to add a few timeless pieces to your decor!

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5 tips for keeping your furniture beautiful

Failing to maintain your beautiful pieces of furniture is a major home decor no-no.
There are plenty of homemade and store-bought cleaners for the different surfaces and materials of your decor, but take a few extra steps for the most care. 
Following these tips and tricks will keep your furniture looking its best!
1. Keep leather furniture out of direct sunlight. 
If your living room gets plenty of natural light, try to position it on a north or south wall. Keeping it out of the light prevents drying and cracking.
2. Test furniture cleaner in an inconspicuous spot.
It's so easy to make a stain look worse if the cleaning mixture doesn't agree with the material or surface its cleaning. Test a small spot on the back of a couch (if it's against a wall), the inside
3. Clean spills and stains as quickly as possible. 
We're human, accidents happen. Like clothes, removing the stain before it sets will increase the chances they will disappear. It's best to have the right cleaning products for your furniture BEFORE these spills happen. 
4. Go green.
Avoid harsh chemicals, especially for your wood and leather furniture. 
5. Protect your fabric.
If your shopping for something new, many fabrics and upholstery material now have stain repelling technology. A similar treatment can be done on older pieces by a professional cleaning service. 
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